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Don's Profile PictureMy name’s Don and I’m a professional relationship counselor. I’m extremely passionate about teaching people how to connect, solve their personal problems and achieve better, healthier and happier relationships.

Now you might be thinking, what does that have to do with fellatio? While I completely understand the question, they’re more closely related than you might think. For reasons that we’ll explore together throughout the articles, fellatio is one of the very first things that suffers a change when issues start to arise in a relationship. This is due to it being a very intimate, submissive and deeply passionate experience, one that couples don’t want to perform when they start to get detached and distant from one another.

Due to this, I decided to create a website focused solely on this massive issue to make sure that the men out there get a helping hand not only in the getting head situation, but most importantly in their overall relationships – be it with a girlfriend or a wife.

I was also quite tired of the fake pickup artist bullcrap being spread everywhere so everything I write is backed up by science, studies and corroborated statistics, to ensure that you get actually helpful and effective information.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay – be sure to shoot me an email if you need any more help!


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